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Grainger Welding Helmet

The Grainger welding helmet is an approved 10 gripper pad, self-stick rectangle 5 pk2.

Cheap Grainger Welding Helmet

The Grainger welding helmet is an unequaled substitute for folks who are approved for the headgear, this helmet is fabricated to protect your head and help you stay safe while working with welding equipment. The new 10 gripper pads from Grainger are designed with your head in mind, with their self-stick surfaces, they provide a secure fit and make it effortless to grip your weld. The pads are black and the Grainger logo is on them, the helmet is an excellent protection for the head and is basic to wear and use. The Grainger welding helmet is a must have for any air-head that wants to be safe and successful in the air-space of he united states, they are black anodized for clarity and satan's nature leaves no space for error. The pad's anodized finish and stick-form design keeps you on point in any posture, the self-stick rectangle shape is uncomplicated to operate and keeps your hands clean while working.