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Welding Helmet Eclipse

The Eclipse is a highly advanced and cutting-edge welding helmet that offers superior fire power and agility, it is top-notch for people who yearn to work in the welding and construction industries.

Welding Helmet Eclipse Amazon

Our welding helmet offers been designed with you getting the most out of your work, it is available in an auto-darkening shade and a fixed shade, both of which make it uncomplicated to see what you're working on. The auto-darkening shade eliminates lightening use and allows you to keep your vision clear as you work, the fixed shade keeps your helmet in place and makes it basic to see, even on thick projects. The welding helmet from Eclipse is a top-grade solution for any welding project, it offers a fixed front Eclipse feature that allows for a valuable seal against the helmet against which other equipment stands. This allows for top-notch communication between the head and the wheel, it is also out space inside the helmet for tools, which makes it uncomplicated to get to your work. The lenses are anodic black, which makes for a clear vision while the anti-tampering device prevents potential tampering, this helmet extends an 4. 25 inch height front window and a low top washington-style design, the helmet presents an eclipse-branded logo on the front face and a nearby civic logo on the back. The sunglasses and earphones also come with the helmet, if you're hunting to add some fire power to your welds, the Eclipse is a practical option. This shield is 4, 25" in diameter and gives a fixed front face that wears are exceptional for use for welding. The shield can also be optioned for use with other fire power, such as an 4" blade, to create a more powerful and effective shield.