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Welding Helmet With Grinding Shield

Our miller i auto-darkening welder's helmet With integrated Grinding Shield will keep you in light and color control while you work.

Welding Helmet With Grinding Shield Amazon

Welding helmet With Grinding Shield for i series auto darkening helmet, this helmet imparts a fastening system of screws and rivets. It also extends a welded Shield for extra protection against oil and grease, this welder's helmet is designed With a ratchet headgear to protect his head and protect the welder's equipment. It comes in green and black, and is designed to protect welder's head and equipment, welding helmet With Grinding shield. This product is a polycarbonate plate With a polyester cover plate shade, the polycarbonate plate options With a blue or green color and the green version provides a small hole in the center while the blue version gives a more strength-based design. The polycarbonate plate is again designed With a Grinding Shield to keep the Shield onto your head while this welder's helmet is fabricated to protect him from professionals and kings With its smooth ground weave and Grinding shield, the helmet also offers a small hole in the back for his teeth to suit into so he can get a close view of the work he's doing.